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How to Find the Hardware Version on a TOTOLINK device?

  • 2014-06-05

    How to Find the Hardware Version on a TOTOLINK device?



    Some TOTOLINK products have more than one hardware version, using V1, V2, etc for separation, and generally, each hardware version corresponds to a specifically developed firmware.

    If you want to upgrade your device to the latest firmware, you need to choose the correct firmware version for your device.



      All content on this website is only applicable to models selling in overseas markets (outside China   mainland, Taiwan

      and South Korea ),  any model purchased from China mainland, Taiwan or South Korea caused damage by upgrading

      software on this website is excluded in after-sales service range. 



    For most TOTOLINK products, you can see a bar coded sticker at the front of the device,

    there is a  character string Model No - V X.Y (for example, N100RE-V1.1 / N300RH-V3.1  ),

    See below:   



     The number X is the Hardware Version of your device.

    If the string shows V1.y, it means the hardware version is V1.






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