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How to log in TOTOLINK routers setting interface£¿

  • 2014-02-10

    The router¡¯s setting interface allows you to setup basic and advanced settings for better network experience. If you want to login to TOTOLINK router¡¯s setting interface to configure some settings, please follow the steps below.


    These FAQs are suitable for:
    N150RA,N300R Plus,N300RA,N300RB,N300RG,N301RA,N302R Plus,N303RB,N303RBU,N303RT Plus,


    The default IP address of TOTOLINK router is, the default Subnet Mask is Please restore factory settings before you want to login.


    Now follow below steps to log in the setting interface.


    1-1. Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless, then login the router
           by entering into the address bar of your browser.



    1-2. Please click " Setup Tool " icon   to enter the router¡¯s setting interface.



    1-3. Please login to the Web Setup interface (the default user name and password is admin).


        Now you can log in the router¡¯s interface to set up.


    If don¡¯t want to restore the router to the factory settings, please follow the introduction below.


    2-1. Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless

    2-2. Setup you PC to get the IP automatically (Here I take system XP for example)

    ¢º Click on   at the bottom right corner on the screen

    ¢º Click on " Properties " button in the lower left corner

    ¢º Double click on ¡° Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) ¡±

    ¢º Select ¡° Obtain an IP address automatically ¡± or Using the following IP Address

      (The IP address is 192.168.1.xxx (¡°xxx¡± range from 2 to 254), the Subnet Mask is

       and Gateway is



    ¢º Don¡¯t forget to click ¡° OK ¡± to save the configuration.


    2-3. Check the IP address you get automatically in the former step


    The IP address is, it means the network segment of your PC is 1,
    you should enter into the address bar of your browser.
    Enter the router¡¯s setting interface similarly and do some settings.


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