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How to setup the router to work as a repeater?

  • 2014-02-24

    TOTOLINK router provided repeater function, with this function users can expand


    These FAQs is suitable for:  N100RE, N200RE, N300RU, N3GR



    Connect your computer to the router


    1-1. Connect your computer to the router by cable, then login the router by entering into the address bar of your browser.


    1-2. Please login to the Web Setup interface (the default user name and password is admin)


    Click Wireless Settings->Repeater setup on the left menu.



    Enable the repeater function at first, then select Repeater mode.


    Both these two repeater methods can help you to expand the wireless coverage and allow more terminals to access Internet. But since Wireless WAN need not stop DHCP Server, all PCs IP Addresses are assigned by the Secondary Router itself. So this method allows more PCs to access Internet than Wireless Bridge.


    Click " Scan AP " button to choose the upper SSID and enter the password. Click " Apply " to save setting.




    3-1. Change the LAN IP.
    LAN segment should not different with the primary router, if the IP of primary router is, the second one should be 192.168.x,1 (x is from 2 to 245)

    Click Network Settings -> " LAN/DHCP Server "


    3-2. How to stop DHCP Server:
    Choose Disable to stop the DHCP Server.










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