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A950RG WISP Setting

  • 2018-01-09

    This document applies to A950RG




    Before configuration, make sure that both A Router and B Router are powered on.

    make sure you know the SSID and password for A router.

    2.4G and 5G, you can only choose one for WISP.

    move the B router closer to the A router to find the B routing signals better for fast WISP.





    1.B router can use PPPOE, static IP. DHCP function.

    2.WISP can build its own base stations in public places such as airports, hotels, cafes, teahouses and other places, providing wireless Internet access services.

    Set up steps


    B-Router Wireless Setup

    You need to enter the Advanced Setup page of the router B, then follow the steps illustrated.

    set 2.4G network -> set 5G network

    Click the Apply button



    B-Router Repeater Setup

    * enter the settings page of the router B, then follow the steps illustrated.

    Click Operation Mode>Select WISP Mode->Click Next button.

    IN next page, you should click Scan 2.4G or Scan 5G.

    Choose the WIFI SSID you need to make the WISP

    Note: This article set to A router as an example

    Enter the password for the WISP router

    Click connect



    B Router Position Display

    Move the Router B to a different location for a best Wi-Fi access.


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