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  • 2017-08-24

    Application introduction

    PPTP VPN's PC-to-site mode provides a secure tunnel for the terminal to access the headquarters network. If you are on a business trip and have access to the Internet. Use the VPN client dial-up connection that comes with the terminal to establish a secure tunnel for data transmission.


    Note: IOS 10 systems or higher systems cant use PPTP VPNs

    Set method

    1.set up the PPTP VPN server

        1.1. Click into Utility --> VPN Setup


    1.2. Turn on PPTP, Select the default Encryption(MPPE) 




    1.3. Enter VPN Account, VPN Password, Assigned IP. (Maximum number of VPN User is 5.) 



    1.4. Remember WAN IP.



    2VPN client setting

         2.1. Enter the VPN client and set it up.




         2.2. Set the encryption attribute for the VPN account




         2.3. Set the above parameters, return to the VPN interface, and connect.


         2.4. The following picture is the identity of the successful connection. At this point the VPN has dialed successfully.


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