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A2004NS Samba FAQ

  • 2017-08-24

    How to access A2004NS USB shared U disk video, pictures?

    Application introduction

    A2004NS support file sharing function, the mobile storage devices (such as U disk, mobile hard disk, etc.) connected to the router's USB interface, LAN terminal equipment can access the resources of mobile storage devices, easy file sharing.



    1.Check if the hard disk has a successful access router



    2.Samba server build

    a) Go to the router interface and select Basic App--Service Setup -- Windows File Sharing (SAMBA) 



    b) Start the server, select Read / Write, enter the user ID and Password. click Apply. The Samba server has been built.



    3.Access the Samba server from the client.a)Open This PC and type \\ in the input box. And press the Enter key 



    b) On this page, you will see the attached hard disk information. Click on this hard drive. 



    c) In this page will pop up a certification box, you need to enter the samba server set up, user ID and Password. At this point, you can and good friends to share the resources inside the hard disk.



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