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A3 WDS settings

  • 2017-08-21

    This document applies to A3





    Before configuration, make sure that both A Router and B Router are powered on.

    Connect your computer to the same network of router A and B.

    move the B router closer to the A router to find the B routing signals better for fast WDS.

    A Router and Router should be set to the same channel.

    Set both Router A and B should to the same band 2.4G or 5G.

    Choose the same models for A-router and B-router. If not, WDS function may not be implemented.


    Set up steps

    STEP-1Set up WDS on A-router 

    Enter the setup page on router A, then follow the steps below. 


     In the navigation bar, select Advanced Setup->  Wireless->  Wireless Multibridge

     For Wireless Multibrige, select 2.4GHz. If you want to use 5GHz for WDS, choose5GHz.

     In Mode list, select WDS

     Click the Ap Scan button.



     In 2.4G Wireless Network list, select B-Router for WDS

     Click the Apply button. 



    STEP-2 B-Router Wireless Setup

    *enter the settings page of the B Router, then follow the steps illustrated. 


    In the navigation bar, select Basic Setup->  Wireless Setup->  Select 2.4GHz Basic network

     Setting Network SSID, channel, Auth, password 

     Click the Apply button 

     Repeat the steps 3 through 5 to complete the 5GHz Wi-Fi configuration 


    STEP-3 B-router WDS setting

    *enter the settings page of the router B, then follow the steps illustrated. 


    In the navigation bar, select Advanced Setup->  Wireless->  Wireless Multibridge

    For Wireless Multibrige, select 2.4GHz.( You must choose the same channel as Router A.)

     In Mode list, select WDS.

     Click the Ap Scan button


     In 2.4G Wireless Network list, select A-Router for WDS

     click the Apply button.



    STEP-4 Turn off the B-routed DHCP server

    Follow the steps below to disable the DHCP function.



    STEP-5 Restart B router

    Follow the following steps to restart Router B. Or you can directly disconnect the router from its electrical outlet. Once Router B is rebooted, Routers A and B are connected successfully via WDS.



    STEP-6 B Router position display

    Move the Router B to a different location for a best Wi-Fi access.


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