CP300 +

CP300 +

CP300+ Wireless Outdoor CPE  is specially designed for outdoor wireless transmission in villages, factories, parks, public squares and other outdoor areas. 

With built-in high-gain polarized antennas and  advanced radio architecture, CP300+ supports point-to-point transmission, point-to-multipoint transmission and wide range outdoor wireless coverage. 

CP300+ provides multiple working modes, which can be used in various outdoor situations. 

Meanwhile, CP300+ supports Passive PoE power supply, enabling the installation and wiring more flexible in the outdoor. 

With professional protection design on shell, it is dust-proof, water-proof and lightning-proof, suitable for any kinds of severe climate, ideal for Wi-Fi transferring over long distance in the outdoor environment. 


Complied with the latest IEEE11n standards, delivering 2.4G wireless speed up to 300Mbps.

Built-in 12dBi high-gain polarized antennas, transmits wireless signal further and stronger.

professional protection design on shell, suitable for any kinds of severe environment.

IP65 level dust-proof and water-proof, 4KV lighting-proof and 15KV ESD static electricity-proof.

Supports automatically pairing after getting power supply.

Supports Passive PoE power supply, transmitting distance can be far as 60 meters, more flexible for cabling deployment.

Supports DC power supply, requiring no additional PoE equipment and reducing the installation cost.

4 intelligent LED indicators intuitively show signal strength.

Provides AP/Client/Repeater/WISP working modes.