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1 How to Find the Hardware Version on a TOTOLINK device 2018-11-08

     It is suitable for: All TOTOLINK Model

Application introduction: 

Some TOTOLINK products have more than one hardware version, using V1, V2, etc for separation, and generally, each hardware version corresponds to a specifically developed firmware. 

If you want to upgrade your device to the latest firmware, you need to choose the correct firmware version for your device. 


All content on this website is only applicable to models selling in overseas markets (outside China   mainland, Taiwan and South Korea ),  any model purchased from China mainland,Taiwan or South Korea caused damage by upgrading software on this website is excluded in after-sales service range

For most TOTOLINK products, you can see a bar coded sticker at the front of the device, there is a  character string “VX.Y” (for example, V1.1), See below:  



The number X is the Hardware Version of your device. If the string shows “V1.y”, it means the hardware version is V1.

2 How to Select Operation Mode of CPE Products? 2019-01-14

     It is suitable for: CP900_V1

Application introduction

This document describes the characteristics and application scenarios of different modes supported by TOTOLINK CPE, including Client mode, Repeater mode, AP mode and WISP mode.

STEP-1: Client mode

Client mode is used to transfer wireless connection into wired connection. In Client mode, the device serves as a wireless adapter. It receives the wireless signal from root AP or station, and provides wired network for users.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


STEP-2: Repeater mode

Repeater Mode In this mode,you can extend the superior Wi-Fi signal by Repeater setting function under the Wireless column to increase the coverage of the wireless signal.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


STEP-3: AP mode

AP mode is used to transfer wired connection into wireless connection. It can connect to the wired network through PPPoE, DHCP and Static IP, provide wireless access for the clients.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


Scenario 3:


Scenario 4:



WISP Mode In this mode, all ethernet ports are bridged together and the wireless client will connect to ISP access point. The NAT is enabled and PCs in ethernet ports share the same IP to ISP through wireless LAN. 

Scenario 1:


FAQ Common problem

Q1: How to reset the CPE to factory default Settings?

Keep the CPE powered on, press the RESET button on CPE or Passive PoE box about 8 seconds, the CPE will restore to factory default settings.


Q2: What Can I do If I forgot the CPE’s Web Login User Name and Password?

In case you changed your CPE’s Login User Name and Password, we suggest you reset your CPE to factory default settings by above operations. Then use the following parameters to login the CPE’s Web interface:

Default IP address:

User Name: admin

Password: admin

3 How to log in CP900's setting interface? 2019-01-21

    It is suitable for: CP900_V1

Application introduction:       

If you want to login to CP900’s setting interface to configure some settings, please follow the steps below.

STEP-1: Client mode

1-1. Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless

1-2. Setup you PC to get the IP automatically (Here I take system W10 for example)

1-3. Click on  5bfbad6f14b40.png at the bottom right corner on the screen


1-4. Click [Properties] button in the lower left corner


1-5. Double click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”.



Now you have two ways to configure the TCP/IP protocol below

2-1. Use the first default IP address

Assigned manually IP address 192.168.0.x (“x” range from 2 to 253), the Subnet Mask is and Gateway is


Enter into the address bar of your browser. Log in the settings interface.


[Note]: can only be used in AP mode and WISP mode; Client mode and Repeater mode please use his second IP address

2-2. Use the second IP address

Assigned manually IP address 169.254.0.x (“x” range from 2 to 253), the Subnet Mask is and Gateway is


Enter into the address bar of your browser. Log in the settings interface.


[Note]: supports login in Client mode, Repeater mode, AP mode and WISP mode.


After the setup is successful, your computer must choose to obtain an IP address automatically to access the network. As the picture shows.


4 How to properly download upgrade firmware of CPE? 2019-08-29

     It is suitable for: All TOTOLINK CPE


★ Before downloading files. please confirm the hardware version ofyour device and choose the corresponiding firmware version to uparade. 

★ Wrong firrmware version may damage your device and no warrante.

Set up steps

STEP-1: Guide for Hardware Version

For most TOTOLINK CPE, you can see two bar coded stickers at the front of the device, the character string started with Model No.(for example CP300) and ended with hardware Version (for example V2.0) is the serial number of your device. 

See below:



Open browser, enter www.totolink.net Download the required files.

For example, if your hardware yersion is V2.0 , please download V2 version. 

Note: If the hardware version is V1, V1 will be hidden.



Unzip the file, correct upgrade file name is suffixed with ”web” or “bin(except for some special models)


5 What if the CPE can't log in to the new Chrome? 2019-08-30
     It is suitable for:   All TOTOLINK CPE

Application introduction:

After entering the management address of the CPE in the address bar of Chrome browser, the page cannot be displayed after entering the management password, as shown below.

Note: Ensure that the login IP address you typed in the address bar is correct, as well as the login username and password. 


Set up steps

STEP-1: Change browser and clear browser cache

Try changing old version (before 72.0.3626.96) of Chrome browser or try other browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., and clear your browser cache.


Delete cookies on the web browser. Here we take Firefox for example.

Note: In general, the browser enters the management address of the CPE and error pops up. Please use this method first.


STEP-2: Take CP900 as an example

2-1. CP900 default Gateway IP address

Assigned manually IP address 192.168.0.x (“x” range from 2 to 253), the Subnet Mask is and Gateway is


2-2. Enter into the address bar of your browser. Log in the settings interface.



The default access address varies depending on the actual situation. Please find it on the bottom label of the product.